"No organization should fall short or fail to achieve their potential due to leaders, leadership, or culture."

-Jason Tuschen, CEO and Jason Torey, COO, Co-Founders, RANDORI INC


With a highly evolved, practical, realistic, and functional approach to leader and leadership development, RANDORI INC provides long-term solutions for your organization by developing the leaders of today to grow the leaders of tomorrow.


RANDORI INC's team provides extraordinary results by focusing on leadership, process, and people. Our immersive, comprehensive, and long-term approach to understanding your organization and how best to serve your needs. Our distinctive techniques do not view solutions through analysis alone but through a holistic approach of understanding you, developing personal mastery, and guided development of leaders who action leadership from the C-suite to the frontlines.

Executive Mentorship

The essence of our executive mentorship program is about continued service after active duty in the SEAL Teams. As former senior leaders and command executives in Naval Special Warfare, we bring unmatched abilities to provide sage counsel and guidance to you and your executive team. We, like you, understand the complexities of being an executive, which is why we lay a solid foundation of leading with our families and supporting you with the pillars of guiding, coaching, teaching, and evolving, together.

Talent Connection

One of the most unique services we provide is connecting you to former Special Operations personnel. If you want high-performance individuals who will create synergy in your organization, get answers, solve problems, and lead from the front, then contact us, and we will help connect you.

Public Speaking & Team Building

RANDORI INC's team offers a wide-range of speaking events from seminars, working groups, panels, and private engagements, we will customize and craft our deliverable to meet your specific request.

Executive Communication

Communicate, over-communicate, and communicate more! RANDORI INC believes communication is one of the most critical components to organizational success, which is why we are committed to working with you to close the communication loops. And, through our progressive approach, we will help improve your organization's communication internally and externally.